Process management


ISO9001 / 2015, IATF16949, VDA 6.3 has defined requirements for management through processes, or process thinking in the organizations. Processes can be described as a chain of events that hand-over from one step to the next step. Each chain/process has an input and an output.
Processes can be described visually as more general processes that portray the company’s highest level:

Hereafter, the overall processes are broken down into more operational processes that is a description of the way an organization operates in all layers from top management to operators, and the interaction from process to process very clear:

By using interactive software to describe processes, the company’s documentation such as Policies, Procedures, Instructions and Templates can be linked to the individual process steps, ensuring that all employees work according to the same method.
Processes can also be described in the Procedure, Instructions and Templates without the visual part. Then there must be used an overview of the internal relationships of these documents, for example, using a cross-matrix.

Q-CON Offers:
To facilitate workshops for mapping processes from overall level to operational level.
To build process management system, including document management and link to mapped processes.
To train your business in process description methods and tools.