Audit management


Internal/first part audit


Internal audit is a requirement in almost all quality standards and for good reason. Internal audit is a method of determinate the effectiveness of the management system and is seen as reliant management’s tool to provide information about the support and the organizations compliance to policies and objectives.

Internal audit is not a tool for improvement, but a method that can detect processes that don’t perform as intended and need to be adjusted, trained and re-audited to bring the management system up to the expected level.

Q-CON offers:


– To conduct internal audits for your company in accordance with ISO9001 /2015, IATF16949 & VDA 6.3.
– To build Audit teams, create structure, describe processes, create documentation and perform training  for your internal audit system and teams.
– To build global audit management for internal audit in your company.

– Perform gap analyzes against ISO9001 / 2015, IATF16949 & VDA 6.3.


Supplier Audits


Supplier audits are, a very strong method for, monitoring, selecting and managing suppliers.Every organization must have a structured method of supplier management and one the tools to build a supplier relationship and create a detailed overview of the supplier’s capability, is by performing second part audits of the suppliers.

It is a requriment from many customers that the tier 1 & 2 perform second part audits based on  risk evaluation of the suppliers performance.

VDA 6.3 is a process-oriented audit form that, with a very clear scoring system and checklist, reduces the subjectivity of supplier audits.

VDA 6.3 Process audits evaluate the company’s ability to develop products / processes, and dive into project management methods, transition from development to production, customer demand management and their implementation from development to series production.

Q-CON offers:

  • Performing supplier audits according to specific customer requirements, ISO9001 / 2015, IATF16949 & VDA 6.3.

  • To build Audit teams, structure, processes, documentation and training for your supplier audit system.

  • To build global audit management for supplier audit in your company.

  • Training of your employee in ISO9001 / 2015, IATF16949 & VDA 6.3 for auditing suppliers

Third Party / Certification Audits


Third party / Certification is performed by accredited companies, typically as an annual surveillance audit and every three years as a re-certification to a relevant and applicable standard.
It can be a difficult task for the individual company to know the exact compliance level against the standards that need to be revised / re-certified by third parties, either at the start of a new standard or by upgrading, for example from ISO9001/2008 to ISO9001/2015, or from ISO/TS16949 to IATF16949.


Q-CON offers:

– To perform gap analyzes on existing quality system.
– To prepare project plan based on gap analysis.
– To help the company through certifications:
– With the definition of scope for the management system.
– Preparation of contracts with certification agencies.
– Follow-up and closure of deviations given by third-party audits.

– To evaluate the quality management system with a readiness review, after the implementation of new standards, but before third part certification